Journal Entry #17: New stash!

2014-01-15 23:01:04 by 8madness

January 15, 2014


Wow, time sure flies away! Let me tell you what happened between last entry and this entry...

►We traveled to San Antonio to welcome the New Year. We had to stay in a hotel to reach Downtown fast. We went (once again) to the riverwalk, then we went to a carnival on the streets; let me tell you: I've never seen more stands selling turkey legs in my entire life. My first night of the year was horrible: My dad and my uncle had a snoring competition and I had to sleep on the floor. The day after we went to the outlets @ San Marcos for some new clothes. then we came back home.

►Uncles and grandparents came and went to/from our house. We had the inflatable matress up and ready for the next hosts.

►Got a new stash of wooden swords right here! got some wood from all around my neighborhood and started working!

1. Thick Bokken: With some black and duct tape, my trusty carpenter's brush, razor and saw, cardboard, and a [real] big wooden plank, I made this Bokken so my bro and I start training Kendo.I had a casualty: My saw's blade.

2. Thin Bokken: Same materials, but a broomstick instead of a plank. It still works

3. Binary Sword: Ah, my ol' reliable longsword I made for Madness Day '13. It's very worn off from all the time and use, but this old dog still packs a punch.

4. Dagger: I tried to make this one military-issued, but looked too weird when I finished carving it. I still like it

5. Shortsword: I like to strap this one around my wrist and pretend I'm a gladiator. Even my bro plays with me sometimes

6. Gladius: this is the more accurate sword I ever did, thanks to my bro's help. It's hefty and sharp. Perfect.

7. Scimitar: I made the point hooked as a disarming method: the enemy's sword gets caught in the hook, I twist the scimitar and done!

Man. I just love my hobby! give me your oppinion on my work

Thanks for listening to my crap. 8madness. Out.

See them here!


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2014-07-03 01:21:19

Damnit I just can't believe you can made awesome models with just wood, it's just... fantastic!!!