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8madness's News

Posted by 8madness - September 26th, 2015

September 26, 2015


I am legally and adult, therefore, I get to go to a bar, order a drink, drink it alone... with no company... then I get more responsibilities... and work... and I gotta look for a job... and... I DON'T WANNA BE AN ADULT!! I DON'T KNOW HOW TO ADULT!!!

Thanks for listening to my crap. 8madness. Out.

Posted by 8madness - September 22nd, 2015

September 22, 2015


I want to say hi to all those guys that work their asses off to bring us quality Madness stuff, whether it is movies, a game, art or even a short story. I just want to say that you are awesome and you are one of many that keeps this web afloat.

Thanks for listening to my crap. 8madness. Out.

Posted by 8madness - May 16th, 2015

May 16,2015

Holy. Mother. F'ck. Jesus. Why did I take so long to ever present myself?

I got a 3DS, Smash Bros. Special Edition, if you wanna fight me, my friend code is 1349-7351-6045. My main is Lucario. My Binary Sword finally shattered. That make me sad. I made a Kokiri Wooden sword, I'll upload it once it's painted. I'm at my last days of highschool, once thhat's done, to engineering it is.

Thanks for listening to my crap. 8madness. Out.

Posted by 8madness - October 10th, 2014

October 9, 2014


The reason I finally get to write until now it's because my PC was flooded with ads, and Chrome didn't even work. 

► I finally got to see the Madness Day animations I couln't see. Yup, they're insane.

► My sis got her Quinceañera. It was outdoors, we had a candy bar, my dad singed Mariachi and I gave a speech that embarassed -and dishonored- the whole family. NO REGRETS BITCHES!

► My Binary Sword broke; in fact, just the tip. I need better wood.


Thanks for listening to my crap. 8madness. Out

Posted by 8madness - August 27th, 2014

I was waiting for doing it so I can finally shove it on your monitors.

I FUCKING GOT MY CUSTOM NG SHIRT!!!! It has my username, and the NG logo and banner on the front and back, respectively. I was actually using it while writing.

So... Last week I got back to school, last year in high school. Nothing like 2 months outta town to make you miss your school, and nothing like a week in school to mae you miss outta town.

legendofslotha sent me the full covers for Mad Ops. They look awesome!

Thanks for listening to my crap. 8madness. Out.



Posted by 8madness - July 27th, 2014

July 26, 2014


I've been keeping on my life. That's it.

►My cousin finished her main treatment and she's long gone, only for the rest of the year.

►I finally made some progress with Mad Ops, I also got someone to draw me the cover! you can check her other art here

►Would they file a lawsuit on me if I make a Newgrounds T-Shirt? Of course not! Gonna do it anyway!


Thanks for listening to my crap. 8madness. Out

Here's a WASTED GIF.


Posted by 8madness - July 2nd, 2014

July 2, 2014


Hell no I'm dead! Wanna know what's been up with my life? No? Well, screw you! I'm telling you anyways!

► I've recently went back on Habbo, and while it's not the same thing as before, I still get some fun. especially on Thishabbo's events.

► My San Antonio cousin just got nose surgery, and she gets to live here with us for a whole month.

► I'm not making any progress with Mad Ops, but that doesn't mean I'm giving it up.

► NEW SWORDS!!! from top to bottom:

1. The Twins: Say hello to Sasha and Rhonda. These two machetes were made from a towel rack someone threw away. Thanks, random neighbor!

2. Megachete: I found a plank in front of my house a thursday night, and due to boredom, this big boy was born.

3. Binary Sword: Yupit still lives since I made it for Madness Day 2013, but I put it there for size comparison with...

4. Binary Sword 2.0: An old wooden Plank and 2 days of ward work brought this new version of Madness Combat signature weapon's replica.


Thanks for listening to my crap. 8madness. Out


Posted by 8madness - April 18th, 2014

April 17, 2014

It's been a long time since I write something here on my journal, so here are the udates:

►I'm in the middle of my spring break. That means Bible-themed movies and series is all what we have in TV.

►I'm looking for my elementary school classmates here in my city and I'm collecting selfies for classmate. I found one classmate working as a McDonald's host in the Walmart that is crossing the street.

►New blades for my stash!

1. Knifer: I took my throwing knives's handle as a template, zoomed it x2, found a greasy old plank to work it, worked it, and TA-DA! I wanted to do this sword since a long time ago.

2. Vampire Stake: Carved from a branch, sharpened, and [Literally!!] blessed with a virgin's blood. Ready for a good vampire hunt!

Thanks for listening to my crap. 8madness. Out.


Posted by 8madness - March 8th, 2014

March 8, 2014.

Today I took a look at my first posts that I made here. I really was a jolly little kid. "Idea Helper"?! "Newground's Doodle"?! I can't believe I was that oblivious of what was happening around me at that point.

I'm having another witer's block with my story. Last block took me 4 months to wear off. I wonder how much this one will take me.

Thanks for listening to my crap. 8madness. Out

Posted by 8madness - February 5th, 2014

February 5, 2014


Dude, NOW i'm bored.

I just realized I haven't posted something interesting lately, and that's because nothing interesting happened in this lapse.

►I broke up with my 2nd girlfriend some time ago, so I can say I'm a free guy again.

►I went to watch the Super Bowl on a friend's house. They have a real big TV.

►I have a biology project tomorrow, som, while im studying i'm writing this thing too


Thanks for listening to my crap. 8madness. Out